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Orthodontic Issues That Clear Aligners Can Fix

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Aligners

A bite issue exists when your teeth misalign when you close your mouth. Our Knoxville orthodontist uses clear aligners to fix teeth alignment issues to fix your smile. The popularity of clear teeth aligners has grown in the past decade due to their numerous benefits. Such benefits include trustworthiness, more freedom, invisibility, and quicker treatment.

Orthodontic Issues That A Clear Aligner Can Fix

Overbites & Underbites

Overbites are when your upper teeth protrude, extending out than your lower teeth. As a result, you get jaw dysfunction and jaw aches. Some issues that can lead to overbites are nail-biting, genetics, teeth grinding, missing teeth, and chewing on non-food items. Clear teeth aligners can fix mild overbites.

Underbites are when your lower teeth extend out more than your upper teeth. Underbites make it hard for you to eat and talk properly. Causes of underbites are gum tumors, mouth injuries, and genetics. In extreme cases, you get premature or crooked front teeth due to wear. Clear aligners gently align your lower teeth to restore your underbite malocclusion.

Crossbites & Open Bites

When your upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth set, professionals call this condition a crossbite. You can have crossbites on one or both sides of the mouth, and you’ll usually experience discomfort. If you don’t treat crossbites in time, you could get a permanent shift in facial structure and alignment. Crossbites can cause muscle aches around your shoulders and neck. Moreover, this can lead to tooth decay or sleep apnea.

An open bite occurs when your top and bottom row teeth don’t touch when you close your mouth. As a result, people find it hard to chew and experience uneven teeth wear. Clear aligners move the lower and upper teeth to provide the correct alignment when the mouth is closed.

Teeth Gaps

Teeth gaps will probably form between your teeth when your mouth has too much space. You’ll have teeth gaps when:

  • Your jawbone size doesn’t match the size of your teeth.
  • You have missing or undersized teeth.
  • You suck your thumb, leading to misalignment of your teeth & gaps.
  • You follow an improper swallowing method.
  • You have gum disease that drains your jaw and misaligns your teeth leading to creating gaps.

Teeth gaps cause food particles to get stuck between the teeth. As a result, you become inclined to tooth decay and gum disease. Invisible aligners for teeth close the gaps to make your smile look more appealing and maintain proper oral hygiene.

Crowded Teeth

You get crowded teeth when your jaws are too small to house all your teeth. As a result, your teeth overlap and turn. Also, you get inclined to tooth decay and gum disease because food gets trapped between close teeth. Clear aligners create the needed space and hold your teeth in their position. Your Knoxville orthodontist customizes the process based on the harshness of the teeth crowding.

Get Started With Clear Aligners

Your orthodontist in Knoxville may give you options to correct your misaligned teeth- dental braces and clear aligners. Out of the two options, you’ll find clear aligners the easiest to use. You’ll also encounter minor pain with clear aligners, as they are non-invasive.

Contact Knoxville orthodontist to know if clear aligners are a good choice for your oral issue. Schedule an appointment now.