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Dr. Martin is very knowledgeable about his work. He seems very involved and makes the extra effort to make sure everything is precise. I would highly recommend him to friends and colleagues. -Monique

Very friendly staff and great atmosphere! -Triniti

 Dr. Dana Martin is awesome and leaves your feeling like a family is caring for you. They are very supportive and an amazing staff. We have used them for years and would not use another place. We highly recommend this facility because of the experience and the care. -Tyler

I don’t think anyone is ready for the expense of braces, but I love the staff at Dr. Martin’s office. They make it a joy to be there and my son will be so happy with the results of all this fuss when he’s done with braces. -Ty

So friendly and very helpful! Recommending to all of my friends in need of your services! -Kimberli

I’m on my second child with this doctor. He’s simply the best around. My oldest daughter went from never openly smiling because she was so self-conscious of her bottom teeth to smiling all the time. My youngest just started and is moving along very quickly. If you have kids, mine are 12 and 14, then you’d love this office. -Mary

The absolute BEST! Dr. Martin is a special doctor who truly lives his Christian faith. He treated my 13-year-old son who has a fear of the dentist chair and put him at ease. He always took the time to explain his progress and treatment and I never felt rushed talking to him. My son had a slight overbite and moderately crooked teeth on the top. He progressed quickly and the braces were off earlier than we expected. Highly recommend! I wish I still lived near him so he could treat my 2nd son. -Kris

I would recommend Dr. Dana Martin to all of my family and friends!  Dr. Martin is concerned about all of your needs and has a fabulous staff to take care of you! -Marjorie

I’m just getting started with my orthodontic treatment, but I can tell you so far it’s been awesome!  The staff is so sweet and very professional.  Alex was a bit nervous but once we left he was so excited.  Thanks for making my son feel at ease. -Vickie

The staff is like family to me, they always make me feel like a rock star!  I look forward to every single visit. -Christian

Amazing staff.  Professional environment.  I recommend them to everyone! -Tayler

Dr. Martin and his staff are friendly and pleasant to work with.  Dr. Martin examines each of his patients at every visit (in my experience) and is very particular about the progress. -Heather

Love the staff! So caring and loving! -Ashlynn

I am sixty years old and have had braces for the 3rd time.  I am SO happy that I found Dr. Martin!  His reputation as a caring, gentle, and highly respected doctor who does outstanding work precedes him.  He is dedicated to making my teeth not just “okay straight” but “perfectly straight”.  I could not be happier! His office staff exhibits the same caring attitude and gentle care.  You can tell from the way the staff works together that they enjoy working with Dr. Martin and with each other.  They remember me from one visit to the next and will ask to see pictures of my grandson!  This sounds crazy but a trip to Dr. Martin’s office is actually fun.  The staff, as well as Dr. Martin are fun and nice!  I’m always warmly welcomed and usually within ten minutes I am called back into a room.  I thoroughly enjoy the Christian music Dr. Martin has quietly playing in the background.  Since most of Dr. Martin’s patients are teenagers I thought I might feel uncomfortable.  But, it was quite the opposite, I felt totally comfortable.  I see other adult patients who are my age or older there too!  I drive over an hour to see Dr. Martin.  Every minute is worth it.  We are fortunate to have an orthodontist in East Tennessee with Dr. Martin’s personality and credentials.  If you need a caring and gentle top-of-the-line orthodontist I highly recommend Dr. Martin!  You will not be disappointed. -Susan

Dr. Martin has served our family for over fifteen years by providing excellent orthodontic care to my five children.  Three are now adults and have beautiful smiles, and the other two are in process.  It is not only the professionalism that I appreciate with Dr. Martin, it is his kind and gracious demeanor towards each client.  The entire staff is warm and friendly. “Remembering who you are” each time you come in the office.  Additionally, the Christian music playing quietly in the background lends a sense of peace to overall experience. Dr. Martin and his staff truly serve Christ by serving our family and the entire Knoxville community with excellent orthodontic care. – Cathy

I am an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and after 40 years practicing in East Tennessee, I’m now retired. During my years in practice, I had the privilege to collaborate with Dr. Martin on mutual patients on numerous occasions. Recently, at age 74, I chose to see Dr. Martin to have orthodontic treatment to correct my tooth alignment.  He evaluated my problem and suggested that I have orthodontic treatment that utilized removable, invisible appliances because I travel and couldn’t be seen frequently for adjustments. Although when I visit Dr. Martin his other patients are mainly teenagers and I am a senior, many of us are now at the time when our treatment is almost complete.  Personally, I have been very satisfied with the ease that my care has been delivered and the professionalism that Dr. Martin and his staff exhibit each and every time I have visited. I respect and continue to recommend Dr. Dana Martin to my friends of all ages for orthodontic treatment. – Dr. Wayne R. Witt

Four of our family members have been patients of Dr. Dana Martin over the last 8 years, and one child is still in treatment. We live almost an hour away in a town where there are three orthodontists already. So it was difficult for us to consider the long drive when we were initially introduced to Dr. Martin through a friend whose son had been his patient. Not only did we choose him then, but continued to bring the rest of my family here later (including myself as a patient). He is professional, methodical, compassionate and skilled in orthodontics. Our teenage boys have made several comments that they really like him and his demeanor. We have come to know his staff over these years and his practice reminds us of an extended family. With each of us, Dr. Martin considered not only the teeth, but the smiles and the facial structure in his treatment plan. This systematic approach resulted in each of us with a final product that we were extremely pleased with and still get nice comments from friends and strangers alike. – Sandeep

Best office ever! Dr. Martin is an awesome, meticulous orthodontist and the girls are fun and nice.  Not to mention the fabulous Christian music that plays throughout most of the offices which supports the Christian foundation Dr. Martin has built his practice on. Go check it out!  A+ rating in my book! – Shelly

Our local dentist recommended our 17-year-old daughter (who has autism) to see an orthodontist due to an overbite problem.  Dr. Martin and I were astounded how well she handled the beginning.  As time went on, our daughter began to follow any instruction Dr. Martin and his wonderful staff would give to her!  Dr. Martin and his staff made our daughter feel at home and she loved every time we came in for an appointment!  We believe this is what lead to her overall success! – Shanna

We have been patients of Dr. Martin for years. We currently have three children in different stages of orthodontic care. Dr. Martin and his staff are awesome, as they truly care about my children’s teeth and about them as individuals. Dr. Martin offers competitive pricing and has great, convenient locations. – Marion

I made the right choice!  I recently visited Dr. Martin’s orthodontic office in Knoxville to be evaluated for invisalign. My teeth are crooked, cramped and shortened from years of bad genes and good living! I was interested in fixing my teeth for health reasons related to bad teeth; heart disease and diabetes. I am 50 years old, so a dental procedure was not high on my to do list and braces at my age were out of the question! The staff was courteous and professional. I was examined – x-rays and scans. Both assistants were kind and answered every question I asked. Dr. Martin’s personal evaluation was exceptional and he set my mind at ease. He showed me how Invisalign worked using his software and explained exactly what his treatment could do for me, not only cosmetically but the health advantages as well, which was my initial concern. I could continue with the gnarly, crooked shortened teeth I have and hope for the best, but after speaking with Dr. Dana Martin and working with his staff, I am confident in his evaluation and excited about his treatment plan and look forward to the next visit! – Blaine

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