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How To Pick The Best Mouthguards To Protect Your Teeth?

by | Jul 27, 2022 | Pediatric Dentistry

Do you have an active lifestyle such as playing contact sports? Or do you suffer from teeth grinding? All these may damage your teeth causing them to crack, break, or chip. However, mouthguards are the best option to protect your teeth from grinding, clenching, or injuries when playing sports.

What Is A Mouth Guard?

Mouthguards are devices that cover your teeth and protect your teeth and gums. There are different types of mouth guards, but the best is the Custom-fitted mouthguards in Knoxville, TN, that fit you perfectly and are better than over-the-counter mouthguards. It can ease bruxism, reduce snoring, and relieve obstructive sleep apnea. One should wear mouth guards during contact sports or activities like biking.

How To Pick The Best Mouthguard To Protect Your Teeth?

When picking a mouthguard, one should consider the most important factor, i.e., protection. You need a mouthguard that won’t slip or dislodge while you sleep and protect your teeth from a blow to your mouth. There are different options for mouthguards, such as stock, Boil-and-bite, and custom-made mouthguards.

Stock Mouthguards

A stock mouthguard is the most affordable option, and you can find them at most drug stores. They come in small, medium, and large sizes and only cover your top teeth. Their limited size options make it uncomfortable or loose. It is also hard to talk while wearing one.

Boil-and-bite Mouthguards

Boil-and-bite mouthguards are sold in stores and are inexpensive. They come in one size that you will customize to fit your teeth which means boiling the mouthguard until it softens and placing it over your front teeth and biting down. However, to make it the best fit, you need to follow the instructions carefully.

Custom-Made Mouthguards

The best type of mouthguard is custom-made by the dentist in Tazewell, first, the dentist will take a mold of your teeth and create a mouthguard based on the mold, which will make it a perfect fit. It is the best option as they are comfortable and protect your teeth making them harder to accidentally dislodge while sleeping.

If you grind your teeth, snore, play contact sports, or have sleep apnea, a custom-made mouthguard is the best option. They are more expensive than over-the-counter mouthguards, but with the right dentist in Knoxville, you can get budget-friendly options. Most dental insurance plans cover some or all of the cost of Mouthguards. Moreover, if you expose your teeth to danger, it may cost you a lot more down the line as you are at risk of broken, chipped, or knocked out teeth. A custom-made mouthguard can protect you from the following:

  • Cushioning your teeth against impact or a blow
  • Protecting your jaw joint and soft tissues by preventing injuries
  • Prevents neck and jaw injuries
  • Reducing concussion

What To Look For In A Mouthguard?

A good quality mouthguard is a must. You need a mouthguard that allows you to speak and breathe easily. It should stay in place and fits you comfortably. The mouthguard should be clean, tear-resistant and tasteless. It is important to make sure you have the best protection for your teeth. Custom-fitted mouthguard in Tazewell is made for your teeth and will fit you perfectly which will ensure your teeth are safe.

The Best Mouthguard In Knoxville & Tazewell, TN

Don’t settle for uncomfortable or loose mouthguards, contact us today to get your custom-fitted mouthguards in Knoxville. At Dana R. Martin Orthodontics, we can create durable, long-lasting, and quality mouthguards to protect your teeth. We understand every smile is unique therefore we create a perfect-fitting mouthguard that won’t dislodge or move and protect your teeth. Book your free consultation today to get your perfect-fitting mouthguards in Knoxville & Tazewell, TN.